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WMRNET-I Power and Energy Meter AMR Solution


WMRNET-I is an self-organized wireless network system designed for smart Energy meter automated meter reading(AMR) which is consist of Data Concentrator APC910M and Node Transceiver APC220N or APC230N, It provides an reliable channel for meter terminal communication, The best of WMRNET-I are fully MESH connection and Node as router or repeat, no more equipment and device. WMRNET-I has different working frequency channel and NETID selection options, By different NETID, many WMRNET-I could work at the same frequency channel in the same area at the same time. The simplified communication protocols and EDAC coding are keeps the network running in high efficient and interference immunity.

The Node is easily to embedded into Energy meter as well as the Data Concentrator to integrated to wire connection or GSM/2G/3G devices. The mass Energy meters are supported by WMRNET-I, Single-phase meter, Three-phase meter, etc. For large data communication in resident community, industrial area, high-rise building and village reconstruction to realize an flexible intelligent infrastructure.


1. ISM frequency band, 433MHz or 470MHz

2. Multi-frequency and Multi-channel network

3. Nodes reading success rate over 99%

4. Complete self-organizing network realization, Node auto-detection, Addition and deletion automatically

5. Robust network structure(MESH) with high reliability

6. Max.9 hopping and 10 grade routing lines, Routing optimization automatically

7. Large network capacity to support up to Max.1024 nodes
8. Plug and Play, adaptive network connection

9. High efficient looped interleaving EDAC coding

10. Excellent penetrating ability, the Node outdoor cover radius of 1-2km