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APC810---sx1276/8 Ultra Long Range RF Transceiver


27dBm Ultra Long Range Transceiver Module

(LoRa Spread Spectrum Communication)

The APC810 has covering radius more than 7000m, the best at these kinds of output power, LoRa communication advantages are best realized.

Both APC340 and APC810 are LoRa modules, they could communicate each other, the best difference between them is max output power, APC340 is 20dBm, APC810 is 27dBm, the combination could support more complex applications.


1.Outdoor covers up to 7000meters(300bps)

2.Frequency range

SX1278: 433MHz

3.0.2MHz channel spacing

4.SEMTECH LoRa SX1276 or SX1278 RFIC

5.Ultra-long transmitting and highest receiving sensibility by SSFM

6.Output power:500mW(adjustable)

7.Optional interface of UART/TTL,RS232,RS485

8.Outstanding receiver sensitivity -137dBm@300bps

9.High efficiency forward error correction with interleaving encoding

10.LoRa modulation/demodulation

11.Main parameters can be changed by APPCON RF module software

12.256Bytes data buffer

13.Power supply +4.7~ 8V

14.Power consumption:RX current:15mA,Tx current:400mA

15.Operating temperature:-30℃ to 85℃