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The construction of intelligent residential quarter guidance document some of th


At present, the construction of residential quarters for the intelligent guidance documents "Intelligent Building Design Standards" (GB/T50314-2000), "the national model residential quarters construction of intelligent system elements and technical guidelines", "smart residential district in Shanghai Function Deployment pilot Outline "and so on, in spite of the preparation of these documents is the norm of the conception of the construction of intelligent residential quarters, but there are some common problems.

1, in the communications design of information systems over-emphasize the various kinds of advanced access level of performance and equipment, methods of information services for information and communications business that they fail to provide guidance, especially for the communication of information services "whole network-wide business "insufficient understanding of the characteristics, as well as misleading a number of residential quarters not make full use of public resources away network-building and residential quarters of self-site high-speed LAN.

2, residential district of the safety precautions set up too tight, no less than military institutions. However, due to the property management staff residential quarters of the police's ability to alarm its legality is not strong and there is no legislation, so there are practical difficulties. In particular within the residential burglar detectors, gas leak detectors and the installation location of the established anti-theft system, anti-operation, the specific difficulties in the implementation of the system a high rate of false positives, often leads to a number of security systems to stop using.

3, three tables of public facilities in automatic meter reading is the operating company's business, requested by the residential developers to assume its part of the management of business and management functions, it is difficult to operate. System is not a lot of technology is not applicable, but in the management system and compatible with administrative privileges on the difficult to coordinate.

4, regardless of the size of residential area and grade level of the intelligent system settings are stars, the basic configuration requirements, does not take into account the implementation of the system operating costs and property management personnel competency requirements often make it difficult to maintain the operation.

In addition, provisions in some equipment suppliers also with the technical background, some of which do not require the use of mature technology and the way it is difficult to operate, but also gives real estate developers and designers are at a loss In the clouds.

Therefore, we believe that the construction of the smart residential district of the guiding document, should conscientiously sum up the practice in recent years, experience and lessons on the basis of the competent authorities in the relevant industries, one by one study reviewed in order to make it a more scientific and reasonable.