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Fully experience the design of Intelligent Community of Practice program


The following is an example of a plot to describe how to design a system of intelligent community.

A smart residential district, with a total area of 68,999.5 square meters, of which residential quarters and semi-basement (shopping mall) and about 24,800 square meters, the wall area of about 1200 meters weeks, for all types of building 23, including seven high-level, in the lower 16. Residential building area of 44,165.7 square meters, office building area of 17,450 square meters, construction area of 2000 square meters store, is a leisure, shopping, residential in one integrated smart modern residential quarters.

The smart residential district, by its very nature the relationship between the district's personnel range from complex, and also happens to criminals the use of such environmental factors, into the district the opportunity crime. Through the various places in the area, such as: the family area, wall停车厂, elevator lobby entrances and exits, etc., installed in such places through a full range of color cameras with alarm sensors, can be laid in such places strict monitoring network to protect the cell safety.

Control the use of broadband transmission cables were "Link" to monitor the transmission equipment, control and image in a cable transmission, control and reliable features such as anti-jamming performance. Central control system uses a multi-channel video demodulator control, the use of television monitoring systems in real-time display of information; video systems, digital video recording system of the hard disk, you can achieve the cycle of video playback and to facilitate retrieval. Can accurately record the situation in these establishments; in the event of unexpected incidents in the future, be able to quickly learn about the actual situation and to achieve accurate and effective ability to deal with emergency cases.

Parking lot monitoring:

In the parking lot, underground garage, high-sensitivity camera with automatic aperture integrated, all-round ball Haeundae, Busan install this convenient, pleasing in appearance, has a spherical design of the hidden nature, particularly suitable for residential use. In addition to install infra-red detectors to achieve better the role of deterrence and prevention. Area of car park, the garage was the most vulnerable areas, where parking is limited, complex personnel often encounter this kind of problem, often the entry of foreign vehicles, such as the hair bump scratch is often a matter, so stop market, the underground garage at the installation of monitoring the management of the area is very important.

Monitoring access to the gate:

Import and export of vehicles entering and leaving the district personnel must pass through that area security is the first line of defense, because the scope of import and export of small area, the use of wide lens camera coke can to increase the scope of surveillance, such as entrances and exits installed in each cell type gun Canton static char long-term surveillance camera video. Can be avoided by monitoring the occurrence of the accident.

Perimeter fence monitoring:

In the area surrounding the wall, construction and use of full-color 220 times Yuntai integrated surveillance cameras, cell walls generally not more than two meters high, this is to prevent the most vulnerable area where criminals are also the places most vulnerable to intrusion. Infra-red alarm settings, if there is criminal intrusion, alarm system alarm signal sent immediately, so that security personnel can be quickly found out in time.

Yu Elevator Floor Monitor:

In the district access to the buildings outside the hall or elevator ceiling Dome cameras to monitor one machine out of the situation of residents and found that suspicious movements of persons to conduct a timely investigation of security personnel deployed.

Recreational monitoring:

Recreation Area are in public places, every moment of the summer evening, men, women and children here are the activities of residential premises, public places since it is inevitable that accidents will happen, for the residential property management very difficult, so installation of all-round all-weather surveillance camera video, after the accident when evidence can be read.